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Instructions for using Ikikoo

Instructions for using Ikikoo website

Ikikoo is easy to navigate and has many helpful features. Below are some instructions and explanations to familiarize you with this website.


This website is completely in English, but if you want to have a translation please click on "Google traduci" or install "Google Chrome".

Responsibility Instructions

In spite of careful content controls we disclaim all responsibilities for the contents of automatic translations made by search engines such as "Google traduzioni", etc, and we cannot accept liability neither for the contents of external links nor for the pages of other providers.


If you just want to look through Ikikoo website, you do not need to register, just select a session you want to visit and then follow the instructions; for an advanced search click "search" and again follow the instructions. Otherwise to enter your announcement/s into this website, you must register into it once. To register, click one of the section you are interested in and then click "Login".


At this step you must insert your username and your password and then click "Enter". On the left hand side click "new insert" and then follow the instructions. If you want to view all your classified ad press "inserts list view". If you want to modify your Ikikoo webpage and insert your logo, you can easily do that by clicking "modify your Ikikoo webpage". Do not use your browser's "back" and "forward" buttons to navigate. Use only the navigation buttons and links on the Ikikoo screens, in this case press "exit", for example to go back to "Enter" procedure.


To begin or return to a session (intellectual property, equipment, real estate, specialized jobs), click on your chosen session. You will be taken to the Start-page for that session. Otherwise if you want to go back to the main homepage, please click Ikikoo logo.


Click "search" and follow the instructions, please remember keywords must be in English. If you use another language you may not find what required.
(Keywords example:

  • Intellectual property: trademark, patent, design for sale and/or licensing.

  • Equipment: used equipment for sale, used equipment for lease / construction equipment, bar licence, etc.

  • Real Estate: real estate for sale, real estate for rent / apartment office for sale and/or for rent, land lots for sale, industrial building for sale, commercial space for rent, store premises/warehouse, premises building, etc.

  • Specialized jobs: job seekers, job recruiters, permanent and/or temporary contract and interim jobs, etc. )


It is a filter search to make a first selection of what you are looking for.

Print and Add to Favorite

You may also add any page to your favorites or bookmarks list by clicking your "Add to favorite".

Keyword Search

On the left side of each page, at the bottom of the sessions list, you will find a Keyword Search feature. Use this to find reference to a word anywhere in the sessions.


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